Taurus and Leo CompatibilityThe compatibity of Taurus and Leo is going to dazzle with lots of diversities. This association will be slightly unlikely and built on deception. The Leo will be attracted by the monetary position of Taurus and will determine his level of association by that gauge only. The Leo’s extravagance and desire to be wild and free will be detested by Taurus. This relationship will not be very promising initially. If it does takes off, its future is not going to be very promising.

Taurus seeks appreciation and Leo needs worship. Understandably neither will get what they are seeking from each other. Another clash in the compatibility is going to be of their diverse temprament. While Leo is extravagant, Taurus is thrifty. Taurus will seek order and discipline in whatever he does and Leo will want a larger than life existence. There are going to be more than one personality conflicts in this compatibility of Taurus and Leo.