Dualities and Contradictions for All Zodiac Signs

Dualities and Contradictions

Aries – For Headstrong and willful personalities that often go into things without second thought, they are vulnerable to any kind of pain whether physical or emotional and react much as a child would. For a warriors soul, they can be injured easily.

Taurus – While they enjoy the pleasures of the Earth, whether through money, sensuality, lavishness, food, they still search for that “richness” in their surroundings and people, an added meaning. Their materialism is far from frivolous.

Gemini – Gemini embody duality and contradiction, just in themselves, often going from one state of mind to another rather swiftly. At one minute, they seem solid in their opinion on something, but speak to them a few hours later, and they may have switched, often because of new information they have learnt.

Cancer – While they can appear vulnerable, there is a strength in Cancer’s bones that many underestimate, as well as a strong rage. One minute soft, they next on the defense, Cancer’s mood very much influences how they choose to express in that minute.

Leo – Leo can often appear very sure of themselves, bordering on arrogant at times, but they still need someone to appreciate and look out for them, a protector of sorts. They themselves often fall into the roll of protector, but in moments of insecurity, they need a watchful and guardian soul.

Virgo – Virgo are wonderful at unraveling intricate patterns, a real brainiac of the zodiac, but often, the wide scale situation can feel unreachable for them. When it comes to the zoomed in details, they are incredibly talented, but the large picture, the horizon, can feel like another world.

Libra – As personalities that often seek harmony in social situations, they know very well the art of compromise, yet as a cardinal sign, they also know how to push forward and self initiate. This contradictory nature can work well for them in business especially, where there can be sacrifice, but also a need to reach a personal goal.

Scorpio – Scorpio can seem like they revel in their own company, seek solitude and private expression, but there is a part of Scorpio that seeks intimate and close relationships, even in just a few, where there is real value and authenticity there. Solitude can turn to loneliness.

Sagittarius – For such flighty, wandering people that often don’t seek a set path in life, they can be real sure of their own opinions and values, to the point that they become unwavering. There can almost be a traditionalist streak in Sagittarius as far as freedom of opinions go.

Capricorn – Despite being often reserved and private individuals, there is an eccentric charm and humour to Capricorn, a dry wit and sarcastic drawl, a rather laid back sense of humour compared to their often pristine presentation of themselves.

Aquarius – As individualistic and eccentric people, it can seem odd that they often flourish on social media and networking, but this is the futuristic element of Aquarius coming out. There is still that detached quality to online socialising, yet they often have a heavy presence here.

Pisces – Known for their compassion but also porous nature, the often gentle and somber Pisces can soak up the traits of less laid back personalities too, even extreme personalities at times. Sudden bursts of scathing words can erupt, especially if they have spent time with people that have done the same.

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