Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius CompatibilityThe first impression of this compatibility is going to be that there’s any chance of Scorpio and Aquarius having a long lasting relationship. Both the natives are stubborn, and have very fixed ideas. This will always be the issue that who will yield an idea or an opinion. Scorpio is an expressive sign; Aquarius can give him/her some of the emotional nourishment needed.

Aquarius is sensitive and loving in its own way. They might suspect that your Scorpio’s self-centeredness is just a farce. Aquarius will have to learn plenty of baby talk thus to convince a Scorpio. Scorpio will prefer to express his/her feelings that are purely physically and convivial. Somewhere between these two extremes both the natives, Scorpio and Aquarius are going to be happy.  

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