The Complete Characteristics Profile & Personality Traits of Sagittarius

Traits Sagittarius

Strengths Weaknesses
Honest and forthright Sharp tongue
Lighthearted Prone to change
Intellectual Restless
Have excellent communication skills Flirtatious nature

The Complete Characteristics Profile & Personality Traits of Sagittarius

  • Date Range: November 23 – December 22
  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Element: Fire
  • Basic Trait: I Perceive
  • Closest Metal: Tin
  • Lucky Day: Thursday
  • Lucky Colors: Beige, Bronze, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Red and Violet
  • Lucky Gems: Turquoise
  • Lucky Flowers: Pink Carnations and Dandelions

Sagittarius has the symbol of ‘The Archer’. The people born under this zodiac sign just don’t know how to give compliments. Their compliment will be like “You are looking so good in this dress. I bet no one can make out that huge beer belly” of yours. It’s not that they are trying to offend you or something. A Sagittarian tries his best to be cheerful and friendly, but fails miserably. On top of that, he won’t understand why you are so annoyed with him. It will help to remember that his personality traits do not include wickedness and he never meant to insult you.

Even though his words seemed to be too harsh, they were spoken in total innocence. Even when he tries to correct his mistake, he will add to the damage already done. The icing on the cake is that a Sagittarian believes that he is the most diplomatic person on the face of this planet. Sagittarius people are very sharp and are an interesting fusion of humor, intellect and sizzling drive. Vices like deceit and dishonesty do not form a part of their characteristics profile. They are restless and find it difficult to be still for too long.

They love animals and take good care of them. A typical Sagittarius fears nothing and, at times, may get attracted to danger. He is not the one to keep his thoughts to himself. Infact, what is in his mind and heart will instantly be on his lips. He is frank and innocent like a child. He has many friends and all of them are truly loyal to him. Nobody can remain angry with a Sagittarius for too long. This is because even though he may have said some, not so nice, things to you, he never had the intention of hurting you. He was completely oblivious of its effects and you know it.

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