The Best Gifts for Cancer Men

Gifts for Cancer MenCancer is the fourth as well as the first water sign of the Zodiac calendar and includes all those born  between 21st June and 22nd July. People of this sign are legendary for their emotional sensitivity and homely nature – qualities which make it highly gratifying to be in a relationship with Cancer men as well as pamper them with suitable gifts.

A love letter

Emotions form an important part of any relationship for Cancer men. They need to feel emotionally close to the really important people in their lives, in tune with what their loves ones are thinking and feeling so as to feel happy and satisfied in the relationship. Thus one of the best gifts you can present to your Cancer boyfriend or husband is a long love letter. Put down your feelings for him in words in your own hand instead of using a computer. Express what love means to you and how he fulfills your deepest needs in a relationship. Better still write a poem or compose a song for your Cancer man – since they are deeply creative as well as romantic, such gestures of love would be highly appreciated. However if you are not that creative yourself, you can look for romantic novels or a book of love poetry to gift your Cancer partner. If your man likes to quote verses, what can be more romantic than a custom-bound volume of Shakespeare’s Sonnets which are brimming with love and desire. But again if your guy is into serious fiction, Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms can be a good choice with its love story set in the times of war and conflict.

A memory album

Since emotional bonding and belonging are so important to a Cancer, they are also rather sentimental people. They cling to remembrances of happy times and devotedly care for memories and other proofs of affection. For this reason a scrapbook of memories or a memory album can make for an extremely thoughtful gift for a Cancer man, especially if you have known him for some time. Paste photos from times you went out for picnics, dates, celebrated birthdays or clicked snaps of each other for the fun of it. Don’t forget to include in the scrapbook love letters, romantic messages scrawled in your partner’s handwriting or even post-it notes reminding one to pick up a favorite dessert or a bottle of wine for the other on their way to a date. Also create captions and write your own comments throughout the scrapbook. The best part of this gift is that it can be added to during your relationship as you continue to create memories together.

Home décor

If you have been used to the arty chaos of a Gemini boyfriend’s pad or the obsessive simplicity of a Virgo man’s apartment, the warm homeliness of a Cancer partner can be just the thing to help you start thinking of settling down. The mascot of the Crab is the strongest indicator of the one philosophy that rules a Cancerian man’s life – his love of home and domestic pleasures. Like the crab which carries its home around on its back, a Cancer is proud of his home and family and will go to great lengths to deck up his domestic surroundings. For this reason you can explore items of house décor as suitable gifts for Cancer men. While other guys may not know what to do with a lamp shade or a potted plant gifted by you, the male Crab will find just the right spot for them. And not only that, you may even be pleased to find out that your gift of a potted geranium is actually thriving under your guy’s care or that he has used the expensive rug you gifted him to add a special touch to his living room décor.

Kitchen accessories

In keeping with the Cancer’s homely nature, more often than not, they are a mean hand in the kitchen too. So it is quite likely that your Cancer boyfriend or cousin likes trying out recipes or baking on the weekends as a way of unwinding after a forty-hour working week . For such a guy there are a whole range of appropriate gifts to choose from, starting from expensive recipe books with glossy photos and extensive instructions to even practical ones like a hassle-free blender or an extensive set of fancy spice jars. What’s more by making such gifts, you can even look forward to some tasty treats now and then emerging from your Cancerian’s kitchen – only remember not to give the bitter truth when asked for an opinion on his lemon soufflé or duck casserole since the Crab is easily hurt by unkind words and negative feedback, no matter how justified you may be.

A romantic outing

A Cancer man is a lover of many things and not the least of them is nature. While dating a cancer guy, you may find out some day that one of his most ardent desires is to own a mountain cabin by the side of a gurgling stream or a house on the beach which is lapped by tiny waves night and day – no surprises here since the Cancer is a water sign and the proximity of a water body soothes him. If within your resources, gift him a vacation in just such surroundings which will not only help him leave behind the noise and dust of the city but in fact revive and rejuvenate his innermost being. If however such a vacation is beyond your means, you can even treat him to a long drive by the marina on a moonlit night or arrange for a full course dinner aboard a fancy yacht. If you are not too keen on the outdoors, you can even indulge him with a romantic dinner at your own home. Cook his favorite dishes or include lots of love ingredients like oysters, strawberries and sparkling wine.

Above all, don’t forget to create a romantic ambience with soft music, dim lighting and aromatic candles because one of the easiest ways to please a Cancer man is to cater to his love of food and romance.

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