How to Trustworthy The Signs Are

How Trustworthy The Signs Are

Aries: 47% trustworthy, they’ll always stick up for you and will cheer you on but aren’t good with long-term friendships or secrets

Taurus: 30% SURPRISE! They always put themselves first and can’t be counted on to keep promises

Gemini: 55%, you can generally trust them… unless they’re in one of their moods

Cancer: 75%, but to be honest they’re only trustworthy out of habit. They’re not used to being snitching bitches

Leo: 88%; they’re self absorbed and a little scattered but loyal to the core

Virgo: 98% trustworthy: they really only break a promise or let you down if you really, really screwed them over

Libra: 50%; they treat you exactly how you treat them, remember that…

Scorpio: 100%…. once they decide they care about you. If they don’t, they won’t do diddly squat for you

Sagittarius: 45%, they generally mean well but are too scatterbrained and flighty to really help you out

Capricorn: 85% trustworthy. They do what’s expected of them, nothing more, nothing less.

Aquarius: 79%. Like Virgo, they only screw you over if you screw them first… but they have a lower bullshit tolerance

Pisces: 60%. They try their best not to hurt you, but their habit of lying and hiding things always ends badly.

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