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The emotional compatibility of Leo and Leo will be well resourced with emotions but there will be also many times when they will encounter ego clashes. Both the natives, being of same sign, will love to be in spotlight. But the million dollar question will be that who will be in the spotlight. Both will vie to be in the middle of the centre stage.

This emotional compatibility brings in plenty of drama and delight too. The only thing they have to take care of is to abstain from dominating one another. If both the natives behave well with each other, this can really be a magnificent match.

The combination of two Leo will bring out the best and brightest in each other. Since both are energetic, glamorous thus they will have an optimistic and upbeat outlook on life. There will also be plenty of drama between them. Their life is going to be truly adventurous. Their affectionate and generous natures will make sure that they are good to each other. Both will shower each other with all the emotional attention that will keep them happy. Their emotional chemistry is going to be amazing. But this combustible combination will also have a fair share of ego clashes. Both will be demanding same things thus making room of little rivalry between each other.