Marital Compatibility AstrologyMarital Compatibility

The marital compatibility between Leo and Leo will often bring in myriad aspects of the domestic life. Both being egoistic and self-indulgent, will often wonder that who is going to rule the other one and how. Thus there will be often blowouts and heated interaction between the two. The prime contention will always be within the Leo couple that who will dominate who. Both the natives will be strongly egoistic, proud and obstinate in this marital relationship.

They must learn and implement that a marriage is all about give & take and compromise will be the key to success of their relationship.  One of the most important driving forces in this marriage is the need to be the recognition of their individual effort. They being very luminous and ferocious sign will often be at loggerheads with each other and demand too much of each other’s attention. Only if the Leo couple can let some of their dominating and self-centered feeling go from this relationship, there will be plenty of friendship, loyalty and support between them. The physical compatibility also is going to be excellent between these two. They will elevate their love making to another level.