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    Relationship Scorpio WomenScor­pio woman is very emo­tional, very affec­tion­ate, and very demand­ing when she is in a love rela­tion­ship. She is not inter­ested in a light flir­ta­tion or in a one-night stand. Nei­ther does she believe in shar­ing. It takes a man who knows exactly what he wants to hold his ground against a woman born under the Scor­pio sign. When Scor­pio female is in a love affair she can be very jeal­ous and pos­ses­sive. Faint hearts never won a Scor­pio woman.

    When it comes to rela­tion­ships, love is very impor­tant to her. As lover, Scor­pio woman is irre­sistible and excit­ing in the bed­room and enter­tain­ing in the liv­ing room. She can drive a man to the brink of despair and sum­mon him back to the heights of hap­pi­ness with just one ges­ture. There is no “in-between” with a Scor­pio woman, for she never makes any com­pro­mises. Intu­ition is one of her strengths and she feels when a man is really spe­cial. When Scor­pio woman is in a love rela­tion­ship, she likes to share her sex fan­tasies with her lover. Her imag­i­na­tion and her tech­niques would keep any man hooked for a long time.

    This woman is a Water Sign, and thus she is very sus­cep­ti­ble to oth­ers’ feel­ings. Her most intense desire is for a close, com­mit­ted union. She can­not bear cold­ness when she is in a love rela­tion­ship. Scor­pio woman can be very vul­ner­a­ble when she is in love and her part­ner can eas­ily hurt her with­out even know­ing it. Scor­pio female doesn’t for­get, nor does she for­give; when hurt she will always strike back and destroy.

    When it comes to love affairs, Scorpio female is loyal to her lover. What she demands is con­stancy and what she offers is fidelity. As lover, Scor­pio woman is pos­ses­sive, but most men who are engaged in a love rela­tion­ship with her will tell you that they want noth­ing more than to be pos­sessed by her.

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