Sagittarius Love in Marriage

Marriage SagittariusFirst things first – Sagittarius cannot go along with someone who is not as busy and lively as they are, even if the other person is not as busy, he/she definitely needs to share some strong interest with Sagittarius. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for Sagittarius to keep inventing new things to keep the partnership alive. So, their need for change and excitement is prominent here too. But look at the positive side – at least their marriage will not stagnate as it happens with many couples in due course. All you need to do is to respond to your needs – how you do that is left to your imagination.

Now we come to the other aspect of your attitude to marriage – your claustrophobia. You love your freedom and cannot stand being emotionally closed off. So in spite of your strong ties with your spouse, you will want to go out with friends of both sex, and keep relations with your workmates intact. Now one emotion you hate more than any other is that of suspicion. You are never suspicious of your partner, and also hate it when your partner is suspicious of you. You see where this is going? You do not show restrain in the way you interact with people, and then you despise your spouse if he/she is suspicious, when it is entirely natural for him/her to feel so. Herein lies the root of some of the most bitter fights between married couples.

Sagittarians make great parents, especially when the kids are grown up and thirst for challenges. But at the early stages, when the demands are too high, the Sagittarius needs to take a break and do something totally different that can make life a little less boring and monotonous. The ties and bonds related mothering or fathering a child can really frustrate a person of this sun-sign, so there is a need to weather this phase out with one’s imagination and enthusiasm.

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