Gemini and Leo Compatibility

Gemini and Leo CompatibilityThe eloquence and intelligence of Gemini will activate Leo’s sweltering pride and arrogance. These fundamentals of basic nature of Gemini and Leo are going to gel wonderfully with each other. Both the natives are going to fan each other’s passion upto a great deal. This fanning of emotions can be in positive as well as negative sense. Gemini will want to involve in more than one issue at the same time. Leo, on the other hand, will be unbendable and determined and may not adapt well to Gemini’s perceptions.

The two natives are going to have wonderful time together, as they make great friends. Both Gemini and Leo, as per their natal charts, well augment each other’s social, intellectual and emotional needs. There can be sight problems at times when Leo will want to dominate a situation. At such instances the clashes might occur. Both Gemini and Leo will be at loggerheads to obtain the attention-seeking chances. Only if they give each other equal chances to get the limelight, this compatibility can shine really well.

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