Zodiac___Cancer_by_strawberryginaHe has also some sort of superiority complex. It means he feels that he is always right and thinks that he is the best among people. When people are polite to him he is more gracious than them, but when people are harsh to him he is crueler than them. To get his love, care and respect you will need to show your genial behavior. He is so much devoted to the person he loves and cares about. Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces girl is suitable for a Cancer man. Being a wife of a Cancer man you’ll always love his dedication and devotion. But you can’t enjoy your freedom completely, as he wants you to follow his way of living. When you start living with him you’ll gradually start understanding him. He will always expect from you to be loyal and dedicated as he is. If you do so can be the happiest person with him. With him you will never feel short of love.

One more thing, A Cancer man often feels insecure. It is you only who has to make him believe all the time that you truly love him and will never betray his faith.

At one point of time you can see him sad but in very next time he reflects ecstasy. It all depends on his mood, as he is a moody person. He does things when he likes. He can’t react suddenly on any hostile matter. But he is the person who will not avoid you so easily. He will take revenge badly if you hurt him. So he will treat you the same as you treat with him.

So if you are in search of a handsome shapely man with masculine personality, a man who will love you forever, a cancer man can be the ideal option.