Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

Romantic CompatibilityRomantic Compatibility

The Romantic Compatibility between Leo’s and Aquarians shows intimacy and passionate moments which may attract each other. A lot of effort is required on both sides to make this romantic relationship a success. Both Virgo and Aquarians are mental signs rather than emotional, but Virgo looks on the darker side of life while Aquarius is imaginative and optimistic. The physical attraction between these two natives is going to be of mediocre level with fireworks sometimes.

Virgo and Aquarians will be attracted to one another; they are zodiac opposite which means that it can be bad as well as good connection romantically. Virgo will prefer to enjoy a quiet romantic evening with his/her love but Aquarius will prefer a loud romantic outburst. The sober, practical Virgo is inclined to criticize the Aquarius’ romantic generosity. The long term love affair is definitely possible in case they both have strong feelings towards each other.

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