Emotional CompatibilityEmotional Compatibility

This is not a very good emotional match for either one of the natives. Aquarius will be an optimistic person who has a natural, positive approach to viewing the world and Virgo is a born pessimist who always looks on the darker side. Aquarius will find this completely depressing and frustrating, and won’t be able to break Virgo out of this habit. Virgo and Aquarius both have an uncanny ability to think things into the ground, and it seems like neither of your mind nurturing negative emotional chemistry.

During happy times, Aquarius and Virgo will seem to inspire each other to be better people with big goals and ambitions. Virgo will be emotionally drawn to the Aquarius because s/he shares an intellectual and sensitive way of looking at the world. This might bring frustration that would be tough to handle in this relationship. This emotional chemistry will also witness plenty of emotional adventure. Virgo will be intrigued by Aquarius’ far-flung emotions and downright dreaminess. Virgo needs to remember that not everyone can be as organized.