Physical Characteristics – Eyes Of The Zodiac Sign

Eyes Type for zodiac

The eyes of an Aries are a striking almond shape and a clear, vibrant color. They may appear shifty-eyed, impatiently flickering around their surroundings. Their eyebrows are distinctive and sharply arched, and are often very expressive. Aries truly has “the fire in their eyes”, electric sparks crackling their gaze when angered, and merely a gentle smolder when content.

Taurus eyes are, by contrast, sleepy and gentle. Often softly rounded, slightly protruding, and a warm, muted color, they remind you of the milk-chocolate eyes of a newborn calf. Their eyelashes are tremendously long and thick. They blink slowly, seductively.Their gaze is calm and nonchalant. A Taurus gives the impression of one simply watching the world go by.

Mercury lends Gemini an eclectic, energetic gaze. You can practically see the ideas streaming behind their eyes, jewel-like and sly. Their eyes may turn up or crinkle at the corners, and are often a striking, light shade. Although brilliant and intelligent, a Gemini’s eyes betray little to no emotion… unless you’re really searching for it.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, has your mother’s eyes. In their round, dark eyes is the gentle exhaustion of a selfless caretaker, hidden behind a mask of calm composure. Their eyes are crystalline and watery, like the surface of the ocean, concealing the mysteries that swim far below the surface.

The eyes of a Leo are vibrant and seductive. Their eyelids are often heavy and droop lazily, and they blink slowly. They have a penetrating, regal stare, somewhat haughty, yet it draws you in. A Leo can invite you in with a single warm, melted-chocolate look, and turn you away just as quickly with a dismissive, cold glance. Their gaze is proud, yet playful.

The eyes of a Virgo are discreet and serious, until you take a closer look. Their eyes are very clear and reflect a lot of light, and are a very precise shape. Virgo eyes reveal no hint of anxiety or nervousness, they are focused and have a steady gaze. Their stare is analytical, almost cold, yet still contains that Mercurial spark of quiet genius.

Venus did her best with Libra eyes, gifting her Airy children with eyes that are innocent and pleasing, yet can turn intense and seductive at a moment’s notice. Their eyes are round and prominent, with very thick lashes. Their eyebrows tend be low-arched and well formed. Their eyes are flirtatious and expressive, revealing the creative genius within.

Much has been written about the penetrating stare of the Scorpio. Dark and calculating, Scorpio’s eyes are foreboding yet hypnotic. These individuals are never shifty-eyed; they hold your gaze with unnerving precision. Their stare is alien, almost inhuman. But if you watch them for long enough, their dark, intense glare is broken by rays of intense emotion; the soul is really revealed in the eyes of a Scorpio.

Sagittarius eyes are wide and inquisitive. These Jupiter natives are curious explorers, and they don’t want to miss a thing around them… Their eyes may be dark, on the smaller side, and close-set. Their eyebrows are thick, with low arches. You might mistake a Sagittarian’s relaxed vibe for a relaxed mind, but their eyes reveal the restless fire barely contained within.

The eyes of Capricorn are doe-shaped, often upturned. Saturn gives these individuals a glass-like, fragile appearance; their eyes are glassy and focused, yet their irises swirl with different colors. They have very thick eyelashes. Their eyes may appear sober and melancholy, older than their years.

Aquarius eyes are genial and fearless. Their gaze may seem far-away, like they’re looking at something in the distance… They may appear lost in deep thought. Their eyelashes droop down, and their eyes are slender almond shaped. The Aquarian gaze is bright and healthy, giving the impression that they’re paying attention, even when they aren’t. They seem firmly grounded, a part of the group, but their eyes reveal an alien, distant psyche.

The eyes of Pisces are dreamy and otherworldly. Their eyes are often light, even cerulean like their ruling planet, Neptune, and wide-set. The stare of a Pisces is hazy, unfocused. Their eyes may appear as a shallow, clear puddle, and in the next moment become a dark, deep pool. In their eyes you see dreams as they are, snatches of memories, distant voices, flashing senses. You wonder, what does Pisces see that you do not?

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  4. Why so much hate on Capricorns again? while everyone else have beautiful eyes, Capricorns has sober or melancholy eyes? where someone says drunken looking dead sleepy eyes. No and no, Capricorns have the most beautiful eyes.

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