Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

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When two Aquarians link up they are in for a treat. Aquarius is a forward thinker, a kind and generous soul with a fine sense of humor. They have many interests and are always keen on learning new things. They have much to share with one another. Aquarius does not often look deeply into a relationship not requiring the deepest of emotional contact. But they are always good to be around because they are full of energy and enthusiasm for life and all it can offer.

Aquarius is not afraid to enter into the politics of any situation and often loves to help those they believe are in need. Changes to the social order of things are often to the forefront of their thinking and action. Their brains are sometimes said to be more important than their heart and the world may find them too intense. This is not a correct description and is not fair because they do care and do want to love and be loved. Together this couple makes a terrific unit with their new ideas and their passion to change the world.

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