Check Your Health Through Astrology and Horoscopes

Health Through Astrology and HoroscopesSince my earliest remembrances of Astrology and well before that because this has been around for at least two thousand years and I haven’t, Astrological influence has been used to read or measure everything from planting of crops to animal husbandry, fishing, and the movements of the moon. Ask any good farmer and they’ll tell you that their bible is the Farmer’s Almanac. As a child I remember my daddy getting it at the first of the year from our local feed and seed store where this small paperback book was kept it in a place of honor until it needed to be used.

Not only did they utilize it for the practices mentioned above but they used it in the cutting of their hair and any kind of surgery or non-emergency doctor’s visit they might be planning. You probably know this but just in case you don’t each sign of the Zodiac governs certain parts of the body. When consulting the almanac they could see which sign the Moon was in and thus insure getting the best results from a doctor’s visit.

When looking to surgery be sure to stay away from the full moon because surgeons have found that it’s harder to control bleeding around that time. According to Astrology, try to stay away from that full moon for at least five days before and afterward. Some thoughts are that since we’re about ninety-eight percent water and the Moon controls water that it might control the blood as well.

The Moon works even more by going through certain signs because you want to stay away from the sign that governs the part of surgery you’re having. For instance if you need neck surgery, you will probably want to wait until the Moon has left Taurus well.

Our glorious Moon works through the signs every couple of days. So you can see how easily you can wait until a better time is met if you know what phase of the Zodiac the Moon is in. If you’re not an Astrologer you may find those aspects easily on the web by going to the Farmer’s Almanac.

We’ll get into the Sun Signs and the body parts they rule here so you’ll know at a glance how to look for the Moon phase and the related body parts you need. Also, we’ll get into your Ascendant because it has a direct impact on how you approach medical issues too. All of this is done so that you don’t have to become a full-fledged Astrologer because that will take a long, long time but if you have the will and like to continue to learn, be my guest.

Each Sun Sign’s personality looks at their health in a certain manner. You can see below how each is affected by the sign under which they were born. Check your natal chart so that you’ll more easily be able to understand how you look at your own health and it’s vulnerabilities.

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