Virgo Career and Money Tendencies

Career and Money VirgoThe first thing one would notice in Virgos, career-wise, is their great love for outdoor activities. There might be the odd ones working in closed, congested cubicles and slogging days and nights to make it to the top of the ladder. But most of them would give anything to have a career in a field such as farming, fishing or surveying. They also like to nurture things and see them growing – that can explain their great affinity for agriculture.

Also as I have pointed out on amply, they have a tremendous urge to serve others and take care of them. That is why I would say the best profession for them could only be in the field of medicine, or teaching, or the like. Probably nothing can satisfy you more than helping a patient recover from an illness and reducing his pain. Teaching, again, involves taking care of raw talents, nurturing them and seeing them grow into matured, capable individuals.

Other than this, you have an immense need to communicate. So the career of a critique or a journalist can also be very rewarding. The way you look at things, and the unique way in which you are able to present them will be your main plus points. Virgos also have a variety of natural talents which they bring literally from their mother’s womb. So if you have a strong enough impulse, I would even recommend a career in art for you.

There are however a few weak points – Virgos are not born leaders. So early on in their career, no matter how strong you might be in it, if you are given a huge responsibility, you might fumble and spoil the task, and lose what little confidence you have. You are just not comfortable with stations of power, or the spotlight. So you should not take up positions just for the money and status that come with them – there might be other more enticing opportunities for you.

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  1. The lies! I’ve had several positions of authority and leadership. After being in the medical field for 25 years, I am now a successful Health Care Business owner. Listen young and old Virgos, take what was written and discard it quickly. You are Magical and fabulous! Be what you want to be. Do your best!

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