The Best Gifts for Scorpio Men

Gifts for Scorpio MenAs the eight sign of the Zodiac calendar, Scorpio includes those born between 23rd October and 21st of November. Known for their intense and unyielding nature, individuals bearing this sign are also mysterious and possessive. All these means that you should be careful when choosing gifts for Scorpio men and here are a few ideas to get you started.

Something very personal

No matter what level of relationship you share with a Scorpio man, he is unlikely to be offhand or casual about it. If he is a partner you will soon realize that for a Scorpio love is an all or nothing experience. There are no half-measures with them when wooing the partner of their dreams. Likewise a Scorpio dad will be highly protective and possessive of his little princess but at the same time ensure that you want for absolutely nothing. The depth and intensity of emotions is a typical trait in Scorpios and when looking for a gift, you would do well to appeal to this side of their personality. So surprise your Dad with a home video in which you have compiled all the fun moments you have had together or gift your Scorpio lover with something intimate whose significance would be known to only you both and such ideas would satisfy the intense emotional side of the Scorpio guy.

Material gifts

An extreme temperament is yet another distinctive characteristic of a Scorpio man. His world is largely made up of black and white entities with only rare shades of gray. Just like he may come off as secretive in the early stages of a relationship, later on he may overwhelm a partner by the intensity of his emotions. So in keeping with this inherent contradiction, if today your Scorpio man loved an intimate avowal of your love, tomorrow he would equally appreciate gifts that exude material worth. Thus go for fine jewelry, branded perfumes of an expensive item of clothing when choosing gifts for your Scorpio guy. Fine leather is especially a good option when gift-hunting for Scorpio men since it symbolizes distinction as well as an almost primitive strength. You can choose from apparel like leather jacket or stylish accessories like wallet or belt and your man he would be thrilled at the thought of all the trouble you have taken.

Satisfy his love of mystery

For all their intensity of feelings, Scorpio men are also well known for their secrecy. Despite the fact, that they feel and believe strongly, they are able to hide their emotions beneath a calm and deliberate exterior. In fact many partners have been perplexed at what goes on behind that seductive appearance of Scorpio lovers. And just like they enjoy keeping people guessing, they would also revel in presents which have to do with mystery and discovery. If you know a Scorpio guy only casually, you can gift him with a mystery novel or even a whole series – some good choices would be the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for those interested in classics or perhaps Robert Ludlum for someone with more modern tastes. Yet another option is to present them with special edition DVDs of Agatha Christie mysteries or perhaps the more recent CSI series. Other gift options suitable for satisfying the Scorpio’s love of mystery would be exploring equipment like binoculars or a telescope. In the end, don’t forget to wrap your gift in a seductive manner. Anticipating what’s beneath the paper would only heighten a Scorpio’s pleasure in your gift.

Fun and games

Yet another way you can appeal to the Scorpio man’s love of secrecy is to arrange a treasure hunt for him. This would make an ideal gift for a romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day or anniversary, especially if you are planning on celebrating it indoors. Strew about clues to the treasure – which is of course your gift for him – and your Scorpio will not only love a gift that’s a challenge to find but revel in the very act of hunting for it. Or better yet, make the gift itself the scavenger hunt. A group of small gifts that could be found with clues will surely help you score valuable points with your Scorpio man. If however you cannot arrange for this home date idea, you can still gift him games like Monopoly or a chess set. Their love of secrecy goes hand in hand with an extremely keen mind; you may think nothing much is going on underneath that still facade, but you can be sure that he is working furiously to analyze your every word, move and display of emotion. Scorpios are believed to have very perceptive natures and look right into the heart of things which is why they enjoy games which involve strategy and depend on calculated moves.

Love aids

Once again in keeping with their intense natures, Scorpios are highly passionate lovers. To them sex is a very significant aspect of a relationship and a way of feeling closest to a partner. So if you are eager to please your Scorpio lover, find him something that would appeal to his strong libido. A book on aphrodisiacs would be a great idea if you are not planning on spending the night with anytime soon. On a more intimate side, you can get him a set of black satin sheets or a night-suit for men in black silk all of which are sure to get his pulse racing. If you know your Scorpio guy well enough, how about looking for a sex toy that will play out his innermost fantasies? Scorpio men love to feel wanted by their partners and that too in a very basic, sexual way. Such gifts from your side would not only satisfy this craving but in fact make for wonderful ideas the next time you decide to spend the night with him.

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