How to Know… When The Signs Have a Crush on You

When The Signs Have a Crush on You

Aries: they will try to always include you, as they like to be with you/spend time with you. they are very affectionate and touchy and will always be or try to be touching you in some way. they like to show you off and introduce you to friends. they will be very protective of you and will get jealous or show signs of jealousy. cares about you deeply and will do anything for you.

Taurus: they will be very comfortable around you and will be themselves. they will feel safe and secure and make sure you feel the same way. very kind and caring, and will be less stubborn with you. will do anything to make you happy and comfortable.

Gemini: very flirty and friendly. they will seem instantly happier when they see you. they will also show you a deeper side to them, and open up to you little by little. will always be trying to talk to you or hanging out with you.

Cancer: they will become a bit more shy, but still makes an effort to talk to you. they will probably blush a lot. very cute and will try to be cute around you. will love to make you smile and laugh. will show you they care about you and want the best for you.

Leo: they will be very concerned about how they look around you and will always try to make the best impression. likes to have fun with you, and will include you in their group. will be very sweet and generous and will be your friend first.

Virgo: very caring and will always ask about your day. they will want to hear and learn everything about you. will open up to you and trust you. will remember small details and will always be there for you.

Libra: very flirty, but starts to get more serious as the conversation goes on. they want to know what you think and value your opinion. will always be trying to start a conversation with you and will love talking to you.

Scorpio: very affectionate and kind. they can be a bit closed off at first, but slowly open up to you and start to trust you. if they tell you a secret, you are in. will be very honest with you and tell you their thoughts and opinions. they will seem more relaxed and less tense when around you.

Sagittarius: they will always be trying to make you laugh, and will adore making you smile. loves to talk about your day and will love having deeper conversations with you. wants to get to know you on the deepest levels.

Capricorn: they will be very protective over you and can even get a little jealous. will be very kind and caring and will always look out for you. will stop anything they are doing just to help you.

Aquarius: they will want to have little adventures with you. will want to be always talking with you and hearing your thoughts, opinions, dreams, etc. will dig deeper and get to know you. will do cute little things for you and remember little things about you.

Pisces: they will be very rambly around you, but in a cute way. they will ask about you and tell you about themselves and will be more open and honest with you. will try to let you in on secrets and let you see other sides of them, and will trust you and open up about themselves.

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