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    Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

    The overall compatibility of Gemini and Pisces is going to be challenging. Their basic natures and temperaments are quite diverse throwing a lot of focus on the variety of emotions they exude. Pisces understand their life in an intuitive and an inherent manner that is far different from the ways of Pisces. Pisces do not think in a concrete manner. They, usually, decide impromptu, based on their intuitive feelings. Gemini, whereas, needs hardcore proof before accepting anything. Gemini will not agree through the ways that how Pisces decides upon various things. For Gemini, this relationship might suffer due to intense feeling of insecurity.

    There are going to be a medley of emotions such as passion, disbelief and sometimes anxiety too. Pisces will many a times emotional blackmail a Gemini. This will irk Gemini and a looming sorrow will prevails over this association. Pisces will be under influence of emotions and Gemini will act at the spur of the moment and in a thoughtless way. This infers this union not to be a good one. Gemini will act too playful for sensitive Pisces thus making him irritated. Both the natives are going to deceive each other in their own sweet ways. Pisces will try all the tricks discipline Gemini and Gemini will find ways to evade his/her rules and regulations. Next – Emotional Compatibility

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