The Best Gifts for Aries Men

Gifts for Aries MenAries is the Sun sign of a person born in between 20th March and 20th April. Bearing the sign of the Ram, men with this Zodiac sign are mostly strong, independent and masculine.  So whether you wish to charm an Aries guy or simply let him know how special a place he has in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which are sure to bowl him over.

Tickets to a theme park

Men born in the sign of Aries are adventurous and fearless. They are physically charged people who are bursting with energy and wish to be in the thick of things; thus tickets to a theme park or an amusement park could make a great gift for Aries guys since they will like nothing more than the adrenaline rush from hair-raising rides and fast-paced roller coasters. However If you buy a ticket for yourself to go along with him, remember to let him choose which rides you go on. This will satisfy his need to be in charge and he will enjoy his day all the more.

Passes for the football season

This may seem to be closely related to the earlier gift suggestion, but passes for the Super Bowl games or baseball season will be geared more towards the love of sports which is a significant trait in an Aries guy. More than men of other zodiac signs, he loves sports and is especially fond of games which are action-oriented and involve a healthy spirit of competition. And even though the Taurus male is also physically strong, the typical Ram seems to be bursting with physical vitality and energy and will be only too happy cheering lustily for his favorite football or hockey team. In fact you can even combine the adventurous and action-loving aspects of your Aries guy and present him with classes for sky-diving and motor-racing. Best of all, Aries’ birthday falls between March 21 and April 20 and these spring months are perfect for outdoor and adventure sports.

Gift coupons for hobby stores

Aries men love to do new things and try out new tasks. No sooner than they have mastered a craft or hobby, than they are ready to experiment with something else. This is partly helped by their keen mind and quick powers of comprehension; among the zodiac signs, they are one of the earliest to understand a task and finish it. Thus gift coupons for hobby or craft stores would appeal to the curious and lively mind of the Aries – there they can pick workbench or a big jigsaw puzzle and get down to finding how to use them and how to create something new and exciting from them. A how-to or hobby book about his interest of the moment is another variation on the same gift idea. In fact even you can be a little more adventurous and present him with tickets for salsa classes or cooking lessons since for these people, the wider the range of interests, the more fun it is.

Workplace aids

The Aries guy is also a natural entrepreneur; his sharp intelligence and risk-taking skills often help him land profitable contracts and lucrative deals. This potential for success is further fanned by a fiery ambition. The Aries guy is not one to plod his way through the corporate ladder but he will look for short-cuts and awe-inspiring maneuvers to reach the top. If this describes your Aries guy well, you can gift him items which will help him in his workplace – a personal organizer, fashionable writing accessories or the newest offering in i-Pad is bound to please the rising entrepreneur or professional in him. Above all don’t forget to personalize the gift for the Aries guy. They tend to think highly of themselves, and would definitely like it if you thought of them in a special way as well. So if you are buying a leather portfolio for an Aries man, have it engraved with his name or if you are presenting him with nice cuff links to wear on formal occasions then ensure that they come in a valet box engraved with his initials.

Symbolic gifts

Aries is a fire sign which indicates sizzling and energy and a high level of dynamism, whether in professional, social or personal life. Thus in keeping with the symbolism, gifts that revolve around fire will definitely capture the interest of an Aries man. A new barbecue grill is a popular choice, but you can also look at other options include a fire pit for his backyard or an electric fireplace for in his house.  If you don’t mind some amount of planning, you can even combine his love of adventure and fascination of fire, by planning a camping trip and letting him be in charge of building the fire.

Gaming accessories

It is in the nature of Aries men to be attracted to anything that is fun and promises a good time. This makes gaming consoles and video games great gift ideas for guys of this zodiac. Video games are no longer the forte of kids and teens. These days however there are many titles which adults enjoy, and it’s not uncommon for a video game to be the centerpiece of male gatherings. In fact even you can join him at the Xbox on an indoors date and apart from being fun, such video games would also satisfy your Aries man’s urge for friendly competition.

Time-saving gifts

Aries men are impulsive. They say and do things on the spur of the moment which is why things or activities that require long reflection or patience rarely appeal to them. While slow-cooking and vacuuming are an anathema to any Aries guy, you can still get them to keep a clean house by gifting time-saving devices or domestic equipments which work without supervision. A steam cooker for instance can cook several food groups together, comes with a timer as well as automatic shut-off if it runs out of water. Likewise a picnic mini-cellar which comes with bottle dividers, cork-screws and even wine service for two will be the perfect gift for an Aries boyfriend who thinks nothing of packing for an impromptu romantic picnic and whisking you along.

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