Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer CompatibilityCancer is an extremely sensitive and emotional sign whose moods changes frequently, wit the waxing and waning of moon. Gemini, whereas, is a rational and considerate person who uses more of his head than his heart. There would be instances in this compatibility where the two natives, Gemini and Cancer, would fail to understand each other. The Gemini and Cancer have far opposite interests. Cancer loves to be at home always and Gemini hardly ever likes to stay at one place for long. Gemini will be playing many shrewd mind games that would be not understood by innocent and naïve Cancer.

Cancer will be insightful at all love matters. Gemini’s wandering love preferences will make Cancer elusive and obscure. The compatibility may not be well coordinated as Cancer will seek security and Gemini will not be willing to get tied down. This match will not be companionable due to diverse temperaments of both the natives. Cancer is moody while Gemini retorts back piercingly. Very often Gemini is romantically playful approach would injure Cancer’s sensitive temperament. Next – emotional compatibility

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