Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

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Both Taurus and Capricorn will have wonderful romantic compatibility due to perfect understanding of each other’s temperaments. They will be proud and pompous of their love and affection and make sure that they are expressive enough of their romantic feelings. While the Taurus will plan his/her romantic evening with great patience, Capricorn will be excited, jubilant about it. At times Taurus can get aloof and cautious due to mood swings but Capricorn will be all full of support and receptiveness when in such situation. Their commonality of deep passionate nature and sensuous fantasies will tap their hidden romanticism expressively. Their romantic rendezvous will include each and every experiment thus making their fantasies come wonderfully alive.

Capricorn’s appetite for love and affection will be over indulgent and pompous as compared to that of Taurus. During stressful times, Taurus must be sensitive towards feelings of Capricorn and be willing to have an open dialogue. Considering their romantic compatibility, there will be many and enough prospects for this duo making their relationship a long lasting one.

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