Marital CompatibilityMarital Compatibility

The married duo of Libra and Sagittarius will often decide to go on a holiday together or go on long walks as a couple. They will also very often slip into interesting discussion and emotional sharing. This marriage compatibility is going to be interesting as Sagittarius is very interested in travel, which happens to be Libra’s area of interest too. So this is often going to be a factor in the happy state of their marriage. The romantic side of this marriage is going to be interesting.

Very often both the natives are really going to enjoy intimacy together. Sagittarius must be careful not to push Libra too far at first as Libra will be very sensitive and wont like being taken beyond what he/she consider good. Once their marital state will start to relax, their closeness will move to a deeper level and there will be greater bonding in this marital compatibility.
Although there might be initial hurdle that will not be easy one to overcome, still, there’s no harm in trying, as the success of this marriage combination is not out of bounds.

Since both the natives are fighting characters, hot-natured, and tend to be on the go all the time, there will be lots of physical energy to keep up with them. Oodles of outings and shopping will interest both of them.