Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility


Emotional CompatibilityEmotional Compatibility

This emotional compatibility of this relationship will have a good commencement but may have a dull end. Nothing exciting is going to be a part of this relationship in the long-term. Emotionally speaking, both Gemini and Sagittarius could be drawn together at first but later on their emotional chemistry will be without the desirable fizz. Both the natives enjoy a great deal of socializing and partying out. But a strict and intellectual approach of Sagittarius will seem very deliberate and calculated to Gemini. Gemini will have intellectuality but along with that warm and gracious emotions that bring verve into relations. Sagittarius might also behave in a critical and sarcastic behavior that is going to hurt Gemini. This might affect this relationship. There has to be more than what it is there to keep this relationship going. Sagittarius will have a shifty perception of the world, always changing and getting influenced by others. While Gemini will have a clear and unambiguous way of viewing the situation, Sagittarius will have an ever-changing outlook.

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  1. I think opposite sex Gemini & Sadge are very compatible. Personally, I just don’t think FEMALE Gem & SADGE can be friends because of Sadge jealous, competitive nature. Gemini has a lot of haters and detractors. So unless a Sadge female is someone like Raven-Symone, Nia Peeples or Paula Patton or my mom(who is the kindest, most humble and most secure lady Sadge alive)we can forget about friendships with these two-faced, jealous at the drop of a hat backstabbers. We need to stick to air & fire in MOST of our relationships.

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