Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility

Professional CompatibilityProfessional Compatibility

Basically Gemini and Sagittarius is very restless and argumentative. They will find it extremely tough to stick to one place, person or situation. This can cause problem in thir professional compatibility. A Sagittarius believes in completely indulging himself or herself in work but this is simply out of question for Gemini. For Gemini play is more important than work. Gemini will take his work life in as it is situation. Sagittarius will be rather more methodical and disciplines about life.

The professional compatibility of Gemini and Sagittarius can be successful both the natives will act flexible and adaptable at work place. The duo will be very gregarious, frank and independent in their dealings. The problems might crop up when Sagittarius will prefer to be ambitious and Gemini will prefer to be spendthrift and have shortsightedness in ventures and projects. Such difference in professional dispositions can cause bad temper and sarcastic remarks. Gemini’s mind will be filled with grand dreams and vision of success and triumph which will be intermittently fuelled by a Sagittarius. The professional compatibility can definitely be achieved by few adjustments from both the natives.

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  1. I think opposite sex Gemini & Sadge are very compatible. Personally, I just don’t think FEMALE Gem & SADGE can be friends because of Sadge jealous, competitive nature. Gemini has a lot of haters and detractors. So unless a Sadge female is someone like Raven-Symone, Nia Peeples or Paula Patton or my mom(who is the kindest, most humble and most secure lady Sadge alive)we can forget about friendships with these two-faced, jealous at the drop of a hat backstabbers. We need to stick to air & fire in MOST of our relationships.

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