Marital Compatibility AstrologyMarital Compatibility

The marital compatibility between Cancer and Libra will be quite good because of the suitable compatibility of their ruling planets, the Moon and the Venus. Both the natives will be very satisfied and contended in each other’s company as they want to love also and get loved also. This partnership foresees some positive along with some challenges.

Romance will reign supreme in this marital compatibility. Both the natives will often dream and revere about their domestic bliss. But after their honeymoon is over, Libra will often get annoyed by Cancer’s possessiveness and inquisitive nature. Both need to carefully communicate to make this relationship a success. Cancer must not take things granted in this marriage with Libra. He/she must do some thinking and analyzing over domestic issues and then make any sort of evaluation. The planet of Venus will combine with all the positivity of Moon that indicates material and emotional success in this marriage.