Emotional Compatibility AstrologyEmotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Cancer and Libra will be disaster-prone right from the start. While Cancer will seek lots of emotion and communication, Libra will be looking for someone to provide an intellectual connection. This might create friction in their emotional compatibility. There might be several frustrating moments due to many differences in their fundamental natures. Hence both will not actually derive what they want. Both Cancer and Libra will find it impossible to establish a real bonding in this match. Initially the emotional coordination will start with a bang may, but will end in a whimper.

Emotions and feelings will be glorious in the beginning, with oodles of affection and attraction, but gradually the variations in their thought process will appear. Cancer will predominantly want coziness and commitment in their emotions but Libra will get scared of it and would think with head rather than heart. Both the natives will venture in this relationship with high hopes, but they surely will be disappointed by one another. Libra will act stingy but Cancer will seek chances to shop and splurge. Libra will implement a practical approach to everything and cancer will be flexible and easygoing. Libra will often hide his emotions from everyone including the Cancer. This will make Cancer sad and depressed. Both the natives will be basically emotionally unhappy in this relationship.