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In the marital compatibility of Libra and Scorpio, Libra will have trouble in handling Scorpio’s possessive and demanding behavior. This will be due to the reason that Libra prefers an open-ended marriage arrangement. There will be many moments of jealousy between the two natives. Libra will have to dig deep into the task of being a diplomatic to deal with Scorpio’s controlling and inflexible side. Libra will be more reflective Scorpio. There will be a great connection in terms of communication and intellectual understanding between these two married couples.

Scorpio carries deep perception of life and is intrigued by the mystery of relations and emotions. This fascinates Libra and draws him/her close on a level that other marriage combinations may not achieve. From Scorpio’s point of view, Libra will stimulate their sturdy, icy exterior thus making this marital tie a unique one. So Scorpio will feel an emotional and physical affinity with Libra. This will be a plus point for this marital compatibility as a whole. In the long-term relationship there will be great security in this marriage. However, Scorpio’s silent treatment could frustrate Libra during close expressive moments. Libra must understand that they will only reveal certain things on their terms.