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  • The Positive and Negative Side of a Aries Personality


    Positive and Negative Side AriesThe pos­i­tive side of an Aries personality

    Aries per­son­al­ity is often strong and enthu­si­as­tic — these are actu­ally two of their pos­i­tive char­ac­ter traits. They are forward-looking peo­ple who are not eas­ily dis­cour­aged by tem­po­rary set­backs. A typ­i­cal Aries knows what he/she wants out of life and he/she will go for it. Aries per­son­al­i­ties are strong and peo­ple are usu­ally impressed by their way of doing things. Quite often the Ram is the source of inspi­ra­tion for oth­ers trav­el­ing the same route. A typ­i­cal Aries has a spe­cial zest for life that is con­ta­gious for oth­ers; they are often an exam­ple for how life should be lived. The Aries man and woman always seem to remain young. Their whole approach to life is youth­ful and optimistic.

    The typ­i­cal Aries native usu­ally has a quick and active mind. He/she is imag­i­na­tive, inven­tive, and enjoys keep­ing himself/herself busy. A typ­i­cal Aries per­son­al­ity gen­er­ally gets along well with all kinds of peo­ple. The Ram is inter­ested in mankind, as a whole, and likes to be chal­lenged. Get­ting over or around obsta­cles is a chal­lenge Aries gen­er­ally enjoys.

    The neg­a­tive side of an Aries personality

    The bad side of the Aries per­son­al­i­ties shows up in sit­u­a­tions when the Ram becomes stub­born and refuses to lis­ten. At times, Aries per­son­al­ity is too impul­sive and this is why sen­si­tive peo­ple are likely to find him/her some­what sharp-tongued. If things do not move quickly enough to suit Aries male and female, he/she can become rather ner­vous or irri­ta­ble. Another neg­a­tive char­ac­ter­is­tic of a typ­i­cal Aries per­son­al­ity is that the Ram is capa­ble of being destruc­tive if he/she does not get his/her way.

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