Sagit­tar­ius woman in a love relationship

Relationship Sagittarius WomenSagit­tar­ius woman is at her most vibrant when she is in a love rela­tion­ship. This female is drawn to the excite­ment and pas­sion of romance. Sagit­tar­ius woman’s pos­i­tive traits inten­sify when she is in love. When it comes to love affairs she will radi­ate hap­pi­ness and energy. For her, love is not just pas­sion, but also chal­lenge. Women born under the Sagit­tar­ius Zodiac Sign find domes­tic rela­tion­ships bor­ing. Sagit­tar­ius woman doesn’t like com­pro­mise; if she is unhappy she will leave with­out try­ing to work things out.

Sagit­tar­ius female will only be in a love rela­tion­ship when she finds a man who shares the same plea­sure in sports and travel as she does. Her exploratory nature may lead her to have a num­ber of early sex expe­ri­ences, espe­cially the kind that begin quickly in an exotic set­ting. For her, life means mov­ing for­ward into the future, and each new love is a learn­ing expe­ri­ence. Sagit­tar­ius women enjoy the flir­ta­tions and maneu­vers of a devel­op­ing rela­tion­ship. They are often loved for their charm and easy-going manner.

When Sagit­tar­ius woman finds her big romance, how­ever, she will be loyal to her man. As lover, she is a roman­tic woman who mar­ries for love’s sake rather than for money. If you want to have a love affair with this woman, you bet­ter have a good sense of humor. Sagit­tar­ius woman prefers men who are intel­lec­tu­ally stim­u­lat­ing and who share her sense of adven­ture. When it comes to sex rela­tion­ships, this female wants sex to be gen­uine, roman­tic and impul­sive all at once.

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