Marital CompatibilityMarital Compatibility

Once married the Gemini and Libra couple will have a wonderful and agile social life together. They will be extremely happy couple together with plenty of great times with friends and artistic pursuits. Gemini will be hyperactive in this marriage with excitedly indulging in domestic issues. He will complete all domestic chores in a jiffy and Libra is going to enjoy this vigor and dynamism.

Both will be so much indulged in doing something or the other that they will not get any time to get into boredom. They will enjoy immensely just by sitting together and chatting over daily life. The two natives are so well suited in their basic nature and temperament that there will be ample amount of calmness, tenderness and adoration in this relationship. There will be a wonderful marital chemistry between these two natives.
Although they would hesitate in taking any decision over any major or minor issue, their overall married life will be very inspired and imaginative. The sociable nature of Gemini and passionate temperament of Libra will gel very well. Libra’s romantic rendezvous will keep this marriage always alive with fun and frolic. The best about this marriage will be the respect that each of the native will give to each other. They will never be clingy to each other’s freedom.