Can­cer woman in a love relationship

Relationship Cancer WomenCan­cer woman is usu­ally a sen­sual woman and it takes love to awake her eroti­cism. She may appear very shy at first, but deep inside you will find an emo­tional, sen­si­tive woman. When Can­cer female is in a love rela­tion­ship, don’t expect her to be straight for­ward. You will have to pick up the sub­tle clue and the unspo­ken invi­ta­tion and make the first steps toward her. Don’t wait too much, for if you miss that first chance, you will prob­a­bly not get another one. Can­cer women’s feel­ings are vul­ner­a­ble and they are very cau­tious about giv­ing their heart away and engag­ing in love affairs, espe­cially if they are not sure about their part­ners’ feelings.

When it comes to love rela­tion­ships, women born under the Can­cer Sign need love and secu­rity. This woman will be loyal and faith­ful to the man who makes her feel safe and cher­ished. A betrayal in love is dev­as­tat­ing for her, so try not to hurt her feel­ings. Can­cer woman loves to col­lect mem­o­ries from the past; she often keeps old let­ters and stays in touch with her high-school friends.

When it comes to love affairs, Can­cer woman is a gen­tle, roman­tic per­son who believes that love is the secret of life. She wants to dis­cover this secret with the man of her dreams. Even if this may seem a bit old-fashioned, in fact this is part of her charm. Affec­tion­ate and imag­i­na­tive as lovers, Can­cer women are also seduc­tive when they are engaged in love rela­tion­ships.

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