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The marital compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio will be not that bad except for the fact that both the natives are very demanding people. There will be good connection between both these star signs as Virgo is the sign of lifelong fulfillments and Scorpio is the sign of communication. And these are the mandatory things required of a blissful marriage only. Well there are also going to moments of disparities of thoughts as often Scorpio will act dominant, willful and challenging. Virgo, on the other hand, will be more prudent, and prefer to handle every situation intellectually in a courteous and modest manner. In a long-term aspect of this marital tie Virgo might feel that Scorpio is insensitive and lacks respect for.

Virgo will also feel that Scorpio does not pay attention towards emotional needs. And Scorpio will become irritated, if not angry, with Virgo’s calm and logical analysis of every minor issue. They must understand each other’s motives thus to resolve any differences in this relationship. On a practical level, and in terms of your physical intimacy of this marriage, Both Virgo and Scorpio will have all the hallmarks of a really great partnership. At times, there will be many things they will not see eye to eye with each other bringing along lots of temper flare-ups.