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The marital compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio will excel with efforts on both the parts. This relationship can go on well if Scorpio learns to control his/her desire to dominate and to push Cancer through unrealistic demands. This will have to be taken care on practical as well as emotional front. Although Cancer and Scorpio are elementally well suited there are certain differences in their differences. Scorpio will love to drive this marriage on purely sensual grounds. Cancer, on the other hand, will require intimate and cherished love along with bonding in this marriage. Just physical pleasure will not appeal him.

Astrologically, the pairing of Cancer and Scorpio is good by all standards. This marital combination will succeed, as their basic temperaments will instinctively match and feel at ease. Cancer will dedicate himself/herself to Scorpio by all parameters. There will be a loving and lasting relationship in them with strong and silent exterior and equally sturdy interior. They will have a foresight in the domestic issues and will share higher knowledge with each other. Scorpios will act as mentor to cancer. Cancer will also be drawn to them because Scorpio will help him/her in an overall improvement.