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The romantic compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio is very promising and apt. Moody and quiet Cancer will take a fancy for masterful and enterprising Scorpio. The Scorpio’s dynamic romance and his/her tendency to dominate the love efforts of Cancer will be met with approval. When Cancer will act possessive with his/her Scorpio love interest, Scorpio will feel secure and wanted from inside. Cancer will be full of admiration for Scorpio’s love potency in terms of strength and emotional commitment.

The Cancer will be more sensitive over this romantic liaison while the Scorpio will be comparatively more passionate. The Cancer will be a devoted lover and will always be ready to please and entertain Scorpio’s desires. This love will grow by leaps and bounds. This passionate connection has strong chances of culminating into an everlasting relationship. As per their horoscopes, both Cancer and Scorpio stroke that part of each other’s natal charts that deals in love, excitement, courtship and adventure.