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There will be lots of sensitivity and care in the emotional compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio. There will be great diversity in th manner of expression within both the signs. While Scorpio and his/her emotions will be demanding, Cancer will be a giver in this relationship. Cancer will handle the possessiveness of Scorpio in the best possible manner due to its adaptability. Both of the natives will provide each other all those emotions that they are seeking on mutual basis. The emotional chemistry between the duos will keep on getting better as they will proceed on further in this relationship. Cancer will have a sustaining emotional power.

He/she will stick by Scorpio and give complete devotion. Scorpio will relax with Cancer and really enjoying being taken care of. Both the natives will feel emotionally treasured in this relationship. There will be immediate attraction and deep emotions that is going to initially attract Cancer and Scorpio. There will be no dearth of emotion between them. The two will inspire each other to wonderful emotional heights. But both should keep a strong check over the negativity or possessiveness to enter their relationship. This pairing is all bound to entice an emotional, intense and intimate relationship. The only problem of possessiveness should be avoided. Neither one should try to dominate over other. If this aspect is taken care of then plenty of good times are ahead.