Emotional Compatibility ZodiacEmotional Compatibility

Both Aries and Scorpio are highly emotional beings but their personality-expression are very dissimilar. The emotional quotient between Aries and Scorpio is a highly charged one. This relationship is passionate as well as happening. While they will wonder how they will manage without each other. At the same time they will enjoy taking risks and have many exciting adventures together.

The negative emotions that prevail in the combination of Aries and Scorpio are resentment and possessiveness. Since these traits are common to them, very often they can develop into heated arguments. Aries’s, being ambitious, will have many extra-curricular interests and this fact could make Scorpio feel awfully unconfident. This might make him behave with Aries in an authoritarian manner. The emotional exploitation of Scorpio might upset Aries in retrospective. The basic emotional reaction of Aries might be that of fascination initially but it can be slightly intimidating later. They must learn to calm their intense emotional nature lest to avoid emotional drama between each other.