Emotional CompatibilityEmotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius does not have a very good chance of lasting for long. The Virgos is a real introvert who doesn’t like a lot of fuss around them. Meanwhile Sagittarius is a bundle of energy who feels that fun is the whole point of life. Virgo will be laid-back in the extreme and his/her reserved personality will seriously annoy Sagittarius. Both the natives approach the world in very different ways, but both ways are valid. This emotional chemistry of both these sins will not be very good.

Both are so different in personality that it’s almost impossible to make this pairing work. Virgo is wild and free; Sagittarius is serious and practical. Virgo goes flying off in all directions; Sagittarius wants security and peacefulness. The more Virgo is going to mistrust Sagittarius, the more likely it is that she/he’ll stray. However, Virgo is much more regimented and serious, and may grow tired of the lack of definition and responsibility. If both Virgo and Sagittarius understand and respect these differences, this could be a promising emotional compatibility.