Zodiac___Sagittarius_by_strawberryginaRomance is fervour of a Sagittarius man. He likes spellbound moments of love in life. But one weakness you can find in a Sagittarius man that easily trusts on anyone. His blind trust often gives him pain. He gets deeply hurt just because of his too much faith on known or strange person. But his positive attitude helps him how to move on in life or how to forget past. His behaviour is so nice that he can suit to everyone, but best compatible signs for his are Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Sagittarius lady. He will always give respect you if you’re a lady of self-respect. If he gets in relationship he’ll always be honest with you and will sustain a life-long relationship. His immense tranquil nature you will really like. But yes what you will not like in him is his over confidence and too much chatty behaviour.

He has lots of expectations from his life, as his aspirations are high. His thoughts are deep. He himself is a philosophical and disciplined man. So professions like teaching, counselling, public Relations, and research related jobs suits him.

However some qualities are there that lower his image. Being an intellectual he is overconfident too. He is very poor in finding fair judgement. He is not so excellent how to work tactically. At such situation you find him fool. Or anyone can easily make him dupe. He is also quite poor in maintain his bank-balance. Or you can say in money-management he is quite week. But see! He loves spending large money.