Marital CompatibilityMarital Compatibility

The marital compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius will work on the requisite that first, Sagittarius learns the art of diplomacy and Cancer learns to handle the Sagittarian assertiveness. Sagittarius will hate getting brooked down in this marital tie. While the Cancer partner will look for security in this marriage, Sagittarius will be seeking freedom to flirt with other people. Sagittarius will act in a flirtatious and unfaithful way. His contemptible behavior along with Cancer’s jealousy will cause the downfall of this relationship. The physical compatibility of both the natives will be hot but for short duration because of the many differences between their temperaments.

Both should make sure what they want out of this marriage before getting involved. They are likely to get seduced by the excitement of their initial euphoria but things will contradict and they won’t be able to cope up. Cancer will be attracted to the personality of Sagittarius with focus is on personal and financial goals. But there won’t be much to offer in terms of emotional commitment in this marriage. Such differences and  problems are likely to create a vacuum in this marriage.