Romantic CompatibilityRomantic Compatibility

The romantic preferences of the union of Cancer and Sagittarius will highlight different purposes and desires. Sagittarius and his/her love will be of wandering style. On the contrary, the Cancer will want his/her love to be fixated and stable. The Sagittarius will find it tough to meet commonly on this ground. The Cancer will condition their romance and love for the sake of the future, while Sagittarius will live for today. Cancer will get green with jealousy whenever Sagittarius will act with his/her flighty and faithless manner. The dependency and dependability of Cancer will irritate Sagittarius.  Sagittarius will prefer to spend the romantic evening out but Cancer will prefer romancing at home.

The Cancer will be often get deeply offended when Sagittarius will begins searching for new love interests or connections. In physical terms, Sagittarius is very active and will satisfy Cancer very easily. This romantic compatibility shows very formless prediction of a lesser amount of steady connection. In fact, it is likely to end almost as soon as it begins. Initially Cancer will get drawn to the Sagittarius boy’s excitement and his outgoing, confident nature. Their romantic creativity will get stimulated initially but soon the charm will start fading out.