Professional CompatibilityProfessional Compatibility

The professional compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius will work in benefit for both. The ruling planets of Sagittarius and Cancer are Jupiter and moon respectively. Both will combine together and encourage expansion of work, profession and business. Both will most of the time remain busy in undertaking assignments and representing definite challenges. Sagittarius has positive effect on Cancer when it comes to aspects such as work and employment. Sagittarius will make the work and toil very easy and convenient for Cancer. They will also make Cancer relax after a hard day’s work. Both will work in such a way that tasks will get completed without any strain.

Cancer will investigate and try various projects in company of Sagittarius. On the negative side, Cancer will begin taking Sagittarius for granted. Many tasks will be expected to get done on its own. Sagittarius will start depending Cancer in all financial issues. To sum up, Cancer and Sagittarius will fulfill mutual needs, but this association will not be binding for too long. The aura of Sagittarius will comfort Cancer and will aid in accomplish various ventures along with a multiplicity of experiences.