Emotional CompatibilityEmotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius may not be destined to work in the long run. The honesty and bluntness of Sagittarius might appear to insensitive at times. Cancer will appreciate this straightforwardness, but this honesty will accompany criticism that might hurt Cancer in the long run. If Cancer will try to hide these emotions, Sagittarius will happily not notice. This can irk Cancer that will cluminate into heated showdown. This combination will work fine if sweet and mushy sentiments are involved. This match will not lead to much happiness for both the natives. It will be tough to make this compatibility work.

Cancer will not understand the basic emotions and sentiments of this compatibility and will often get frustrated when Sagittarius will question every little thing you do. Cancer will be full of jealousy due to wild imagination that will lead him. Sagittarius will, on the other hand, will like to jump into life at first go. The cautious and watchful nature of Cancer will frustrate and bore Sagittarius. Sagittarius will feel awkward to understand Cancer who will appear to be the most difficult person for him/her. The process of discovering each other by both the signs will go on forever.