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The emotional compatibility of Taurus and Pisces has a strong chance of turning into real, lasting love. Both are in control of their emotions and feel deeply about their surroundings and relations. The natal charts of both the natives compliment each other in emotional matters. Both posses wonderful emotional outlook that keeps them bound to each other. At times Pisces will be a bit eccentric and volatile, but in complete ease with a patients Taurus.

Taurus will teach Pisces to be stable and strong and do every thing keeping in mind a secure future. Taurus may sometimes feel the absence of caring and compassionate emotions. Pisces will sometimes become insensible to feelings and needs. Such menial troubles won’t matter as such because there are so many other positive points that are always going to work in favor of this relationship. This combination can definitely work, only if, Pisces shun some of its impracticality. The pointlessness of Pisces can blow the fuse of Taurus.