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Inspite of a great compatibility in almost every aspect of life, the romantic compatibility of Cancer and Pisces will be slightly abstract. Cancer will often express his/her emotions in the domestic issues; Pisces will understand them in a different manner. Pisces will handle this marriage in a spiritual and universal manner that will love, which will slightly abstract for Cancer to comprehend. If Cancer will act in a receptive manner, Pisces will extract spiritual and philosophical ideas out of Cancer also. Pisces will teach many lessons and experiences to Cancer revolving around marriage and family.

Cancer will find them enlightened and useful. Pisces will consider the association with Cancer an opportunity to focus on household and familial feelings. The physical intimacy between the Cancer and Pisces couple will be astonishing. Both of understand each other’s needs and work indulgingly to satisfy them. The sensitivity of Cancer will make Pisces feel drawn just like the gravitational pull. Both should try adapting a practical perspective and make this marital tie more successful.