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The emotional compatibility of Cancer and Pisces will be oozing with mush, emotions, sentiments and innate spiritual feelings. The Pisces will be all engulfed in the emotional warmth and charm of Cancer thus enjoying every bit of this relationship. This will be a really a promising compatibility. There will be plenty of comfort in this duo as they will also share their worries and concerns with each other. They should just stay aware of their tendency to hang on to negative things that might kill their upbeat mood. Once this negativity is handled in an effective way, this emotional compatibility will be smooth and wonderful.

Pisces is a strongly passionate signs that loves to dream and imagine much like Cancer. Pisces will also provide prolific emotional tenderness to Cancer that would be the highlight of this association. The prevalent affection and enthusiasm in this compatibility will make both the signs feel completely extraordinary and acclaimed. When the two are together, Cancer and Pisces will trickle love and devotion into each other’s lives.  Both will pride an exemplary understanding that will often confuse an onlooker. They will support each other just at the right moment.