Romantic Compatibility ZodiacRomantic Compatibility

The duo of Taurus and Libra don’t have much in common except their inclination towards fine arts of music and painting. Libra is far more romantic as compared to the standards of Taurus. While Taurus will like to plan his or her romantic evening out with great planning and deliberations, Libra will like no such plans and might dislike the whole arrangement actually. Libra will also despise the autocratic and despotic attitude of Taurus and quickly loses patience. In return, Taurus will be envious of idealistic and erratic nature of Libra. Superficially they might appear to be together but they definitely cannot be soul mates.

The romantic extravaganza of Taurus and Libra is definitely not of a true nature.
Their romantic flight will take off on a promising note but things will go on smooth sail only for short time. They will be romantic and creative in their love expression but only for a while. After sometime they will start feeling insecure and apprehensive about their feelings. This can be a great compatibility but both Taurus and Libra might consider each other too inconsistent for their preferences. This relationship will teach plenty of lessons and should be enjoyed as far as it goes.