Marital Compatibility ZodiacMarital Compatibility

Gemini’s love of constant change and variety can be upsetting for Taurus who likes to stay put, especially in marriage. It is almost impossible for Taurus to completely acquire Gemini. These two natives have such diverse concepts of marriage and marital issues in their minds that they can clash time and time again. Taurus being a silent and of strong types will look forward to a secure substance to their marriage. Their ruling planet of Venus makes them extremely staid, sexy and aesthetic in their nature.

They will also possess a passion for materials. In their marital bond, Gemini will need to feel free and unrestricted by the restrictions of his or her Taurus counterpart. Taurus will laugh a lot in marriage. But if a he or she holds his priorities in higher estimations than there will be trials and tribulations at every turn of marriage of Taurus and Gemini. Talking about their physical passion, Gemini will behave as a mischievous child off and one. Any moment his behavior can turn into fundamental and animalistic in nature. The distinctive Taurus reaction to this approach of Gemini would be of surprise and shocker. Taurus must be ready for innovations and adventure in this marriage else the compatibility between the two can go on to become tasteless.